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Walking the Dog

Updated: May 13, 2022

Have you wondered how my writerly journey began? I'd like to share it with you.

In August of 2017, I was working diligently in a small company's marketing department, when I was unexpectedly dismissed—for inadequately explained reasons. I spent the following month depressed and doubting nearly everything about myself. Thankfully, my husband was amazingly supportive and helped me through it bit by bit. The next two months were spent looking for other gainful employment—to no avail. And then . . . we got a puppy.

Bella was a joy from the moment I laid eyes on her; inquisitive and full of energy from the start. She grew into a strange little stress-ball, but I love her. From very early on, she begged (nay, demanded) her twice-a-day walks around the neighborhood to visit with people and doggies alike. These walks became a time for my mind to wander and make up stories, stories which I began to write down.

Before a year was up, The Elephant and the Dragon was finished, and I self-published it for fun. A year after that The Flower Maiden was completed with the help of family, friends, and two critique groups. Then the arduous task of editing Maiden began. As a mental distraction from revising, I started writing short stories and submitting them to various magazines and journals.

Honestly, I've surprised myself with this expedition into authorship. I've always loved reading (especially a series), but didn't consider writing my own stories as a career path until . . . until my world was upended, and I was forced to change my self-view. So, I guess one could say that I fell into this. But it feels so very right.

If you find yourself in an unfamiliar place in life, if you feel unmoored, lost, or even confused, try going for a long walk. You never know where your mind might take you.


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