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Anthologies Containing My Work

Look below for a comprehensive list of the anthologies containing my short stories!


Fresh Starts

With poetry, memoirs, and short fiction from thirty different Pikes Peak, Colorado area writers, this book is sure to offer something for everyone's reading pleasure. 

And I'm so grateful to be included as an author! 

"Memories" is the story of one woman's emotional inner journey the day of her father's funeral. As she spends the day with her two preteen sons and grieving mother, random memories of her dad surface without consent, and she finds the words to say goodbye.

Available everywhere books are sold!



They are manifold –

resolving subliminal mysteries and creating chaos.

Our dreams are delightful and bold.

Some are lucid, cyclical, and idealistic.

They spawn yearning for our past –

and foretell our futures.

Do you crave answers or adventure?

Join us.

Step through the veil.

Discover the primordial wisdom of the universe,

and the shadows of our dream!

- Tales from the Pikes Peak Writers - Vol. 1

- Tales from the Pikes Peak Writers - Vol. 2

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