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Gettin' My Art On!

Updated: May 13, 2022

Hello, again, my peeps!

I have spent the last few weeks going over my completed, as yet unpublished novel, The Flower Maiden once again. I also put on my big girl undies and gave the all-important query letter for my book baby a big makeover before sending it out to several literary agents. 😱

Query Letter, you may ask? What on Earth is THAT?

That's a fine question, my dears. The simple answer is this: a query letter is kind of like sending out a cold-call resume for your novel, and asking strangers to love the story you've written. Sound impossible? Now you get the feeling! 😂

It's uber-stressful because the query letter is an important first-step to traditional publication. All your hopes and dreams are sent out into the digital matrix, in hopes that an agent will connect with your novel based on two not-so-simple paragraphs of introduction (Lots of saltines and ginger ale go into this process, BTW.)

So, to release the stress, I require a different creative outlet! I create inspirational book covers for all my projects, and I love the one I made for The Flower Maiden, so I decided to use my fancy computer to draw a digital expression of the overall mood of the book. Since The Maiden's story is all about processing emotional trauma, I stared with a woman's silhouette and drew one long, twisted line as a labyrinth inside her mind. Here's the final result:

How do YOU put your stress-vibes to bed??

Comments and suggestions are always welcome! 😃

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