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Do You Love The Smell Of Books?

- Bibliosmia (n) - The smell and aroma of a good book -

If you're like me, the slightly sweet scent of paper, glue, and ink, combined with the magic of a good story, is an unbeatable combination. I love to savor the anticipation of what the next turn of the page will reveal about a character or the plot. There's just nothing like it!

I apologize if you've been anxiously waiting to hear from me the past couple of months. No, I haven't fallen in a well, or gotten Covid, or the flu (thank goodness). Unfortunately, one of my biggest fans (a highly supportive friend), passed away from a mysterious illness, just a week before her birthday last month. I had no idea the loss of her support would effect me so strongly. While I haven't written anything new until recently, I have been busy the past few working behind the scenes to provide my fellow bibliophiles with a version of my first fable they can hold in their hands. 🥰

Introducing: The Elephant and the Dragon: A Fable - the paperback version!

Available exclusively on Amazon (for now), I hope you'll at least click over to see it in all it's listed glory. It will be listed at $7.99, but will be offered at a special introductory price - this weekend only. CLICK HERE to see the listing! Please "Follow" CS Simpson's Amazon page too, to help showcase my work.

If you choose to purchase the paperback, don't forget to give it a huff. 😉 Please take the time to leave an HONEST review once you've read the story. I can't wait to see what all the new readers think. 😁

As always, thank you for your support. Happy reading!


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