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The 3rd Fable Pre-Order Is On!

Updated: Feb 18, 2023

Hello, my faithful followers. I'm excited to announce the third and final book in The Fable Triad is ALMOST here. The Mermaid and the River Otter: A Fable releases NEXT FRIDAY - February 24th! You'll have a choice between ebook or paperback formats. 🥳

The Mermaid and the River Otter book cover
New fable ebook and paperback book covers

In celebration, I have a treat for you. Keep reading for an excerpt from chapter three, featuring Corinna the mermaid and Tambreet the platypus!

Now that The Fable Triad is finished, I've updated the older book covers and their back copy to reflect its completion. I've also added an image to the previously "naked" chapters inside of the first and second books, so each chapter now has a relevant story sketch. If you purchased an earlier version of these fables as an ebook - I have good news! Many e-readers allow you to update the ebook file, either from the menu inside the book or from your platform's digital store.

For those forward-thinkers who might be wondering, "Once all three fables are available, will I be able to buy the set in an easy one-purchase bundle?" - the answer is YES! Look for the paperback bundle option this summer. 😎

Okay, back to the newest book! As you may know, my fables each address a culturally relevant selection of morals and lessons throughout the narrative. The Mermaid and the River Otter is no exception. It covers social subjects like self-love, sharing, gossiping, compassion, and more.

Now, are you ready for your sneak-peek? Yay! Without further ado, please enjoy this excerpt from chapter three:

When Corinna saw the platypus pause at the base of her boulder, she dropped gently onto a shallowly submerged nearby rock so the seeker could introduce herself.

“Good day, Counselor Corinna,” the dark brown platypus finally said. She settled herself on the same rock as the mermaid to keep her head out of the water. “I am called Tambreet and I am grateful you had time for me this evening.”

The mermaid’s long, purplish-blue hair fluttered in the breeze as she said, “Of course I have the time, my dear. And I am especially happy to make your acquaintance, Tambreet. I have not had the fortune of meeting many of your species, since your kind tends to keep to the freshwater rivers inside the rainforest.”

The young platypus dipped her head bashfully, causing the tip of her flat snout to drop into the water. Tambreet pressed the tips of her clawed front feet together nervously under her body. “Yes, we do not come this far into the salty waters very often. I am here to ask for advice. It is not important, though. It is something . . . personal.”

When Tambreet did not continue, Corinna pressed, “It is obviously important to you. How can I help?”

Tambreet raised her leathery snout out of the water to look at the mermaid before continuing. “Well, you see, my brother and sister and I do not have many friends. I was wondering if you could help us figure out what we have been doing wrong.”

Corinna was surprised at this. The young mammal in front of her seemed good-natured and easy to speak with. “The other platypuses do not find you or your siblings agreeable?”

“Oh, they do,” Tambreet said, flustered. “We have friends among our fellow platypuses, but I want other friends. I try to be kind to the many creatures of the rainforest, like monkeys and toucans and frogs—especially the monkeys because I like how they can swing. But the way everyone leaves soon after I arrive makes it clear they do not want to be around me. I was hoping you had some hints on how to start conversations with other species. It seems easy enough for you to do.”

“I can certainly share a few ideas,” Counselor Corinna said. “Tell me a little more about your difficulties making friends.”

“It is just that no one, besides platypuses that is, wants to talk or swim with me for long. Either that or they soon make fun of me, and I leave on my own.”

“Tambreet, I am sad to hear this,” Corinna answered with a frown. “Those who make fun of you must not have good manners.”

“I think it is just the way we platypuses look. Why, just the other day, I was trying to play with a couple of beavers and they teased me about the fine fur that covers my tail. I know their tails are wide and flat like mine, but just because mine has fur, and theirs does not, should not be a reason to avoid being my friend.”

As any lingering light from the sky above disappeared completely, and the waters became as dark as the night itself, the counselor tried an indirect approach. “It is true,” Corinna said. “You have some similarities to the beavers, but you are not a beaver. They should not expect you to look like them.”

That's it! If you'd like to read more, and see what kind of advice Corinna ultimately gives the platypus, please click the appropriate link below to pre-order your ebook:

Is your store not listed? Please click here to see more options. If you're looking for the paperback version of The Mermaid and the River Otter, unfortunately, it won't be available for pre-order until early next week. Check your inbox for a reminder email on book release day.

Thanks for reading! If you've already read one of these fables, please make this author happy and leave a book review on the store website of your choice. Happy Reading! 🤓

The Fable Triad is complete!

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2 Kommentare

18. Feb. 2023

Wonderful! I loved the first two!!! 😀

Gefällt mir

18. Feb. 2023

Looking forward to sharing these wonderful stories with my family and friends.

Gefällt mir
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