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Curious creatures and angry tigers travel from far and wide to talk with the governors of Animal Kingdom.

Escape from your daily routine and travel to a beautiful high mountain valley where the creatures of the world's supercontinent look to wise governors for advice about life choices, family dynamics, heated disagreements, and more.


Complete The Fable Triad with The Dolphin and the Octopus and The Mermaid and the River Otter.


Though each of the fables are separate tales with separate characters, they're meant to embody the same global time frame and can be read in any order. They begin almost identically, much like Kipling's Just So Stories, in order to set the tone and rhythm as complementary to the other two. But—worry not! Each fable offers its own unique account without following the same pattern throughout. These fables are different in that there are several lessons and morals interwoven within the narratives themselves, instead of the classic idea of ending the story with a single, intended teaching.


- Of The Fable Triad -

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