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"Some journeys take us far from home.

Some adventures lead us to our destiny."

- C.S. Lewis

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About the Author

Thinker. Story-lover. Writer. Poet. Dreamer.

It seems there have always been stories in my head. Building and playing with Lego (and naming every one of my minifigs) was probably my most creative story outlet - along with Barbie and Skipper, and a host of stuffed animals. Ironically, most of my unwritten childhood stories involved doctors and hospitals.

My plans to attend the Air Force Academy and eventually become an astronaut were waylaid by a near-death illness in high school. After two months in the hospital, I was weak and disheartened. Every goal I had focused on for several years had just been smashed by a body that now betrayed me. I had to find out who I was now that  my body wasn't strong anymore.

I began writing poetry to work through some of those heavy feelings, Then I wrote for school assignments, but it didn't take long for me to write for myself. My earliest attempts were usually science fiction, since that's my preferred reading genre, yet somewhere along the writing journey, I turned to a more general speculative kind of writing.

I love to write for all the story-lovers, the book-smellers, and those who love to see a story unfold in their mind. I'm now a multi-genre author of several short stories (three currently published), two self-published fables (the third and last still being written, and a novel. I'm also a dabbling poet.


. . . and I LOVE to read! I enjoy almost every genre and trope - and a book series is even better. My favorite reads are still science fiction, fantasy, murder mystery, and thriller, but I'm not afraid to try something new. The library is AWESOME.


  • I don't coffee, so I Diet Coke (a lot)

  • Dog-lover

  • Serial reader

  • Science nerd

  • Lego maniac

  • Life-long tomboy

  • Spyder ryder (3-wheeled motorcycle)

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