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Update: Summer Blues

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

Do long, warm, sunny days ever put you into a strange funk, a lazy, easy, breezy kind of mood? Or is that just for people like me who love cold, dark, rainy days to buckle-down and get things done? (No, I'm not a vampire 😆). Well, now that summer is nearly over, and cooler days are hiding over the next horizon, I feel myself shifting back into the writerly work mode.

The third and final book in The Fable Triad has languished over the past months, as have most of my story projects, except for a few poems. In fact, I abandoned writing for the month of July in lieu of creating homes in The Sims 4 game and playing the cello (of all things).

"The cello?" you may ask.

Why, yes, indeed! A VERY generous neighbor has allowed me to borrow their beautiful instrument this summer, and now—I'm hooked! I used YouTube to learn the cello basics for the first two months, but recently learned that a DIFFERENT neighbor is actually a cello teacher! I never knew this neighborhood had so much cello-power. 🤩 I had my first official lesson with her last week, will have my second lesson tomorrow, and can't wait for FedEx to deliver my own cello in a couple of days. Wish me luck!

Now, back to writing . . .

Thankfully, in early August, my dad sent me his first pen and ink sketches for The Mermaid and the River Otter. They are amazing, and gave me a renewed desire to sit down and complete the project. As of today, the first draft of the story is nearly done, and I'm eager to go back to the beginning and polish it up for you!

ALSO - I'd like your help. I'd LOVE your opinions regarding two very different choices:

  1. What new lessons/morals do you feel I should include in the latest fable? The major themes are set; however, I may need to sprinkle in a couple more.

  2. Would you like to see YouTube videos from me? I'm considering two different playlists:

    1. reading my published stories and poetry out loud

    2. playing the cello (newbie squeaks and all)

I'm looking forward to your feedback! As always, I appreciate your interest and your support of my random creative works. 😊


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