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Happy Fall, Y'all!

Can you believe it's already OCTOBER 1st??

My niece is currently experiencing her first year of college. She's been so buried in her new environment and people and homework, that she somehow missed September passing her by. I can kind of relate! I've spent most of my days editing last year's NaNoWriMo project, The Science of Stars (more about that in a bit). How about you? Have you been staying busy, too?

Now that summer is OFFICIALLY over, I'm sitting on my front porch listening to crispy leaves blow in the wind. Here in Colorado, we're seeing trees and bushes already put on their autumn colors. This is my favorite time of the year. Warmish days and cool breezes make for good writing weather. 😁

So, how is the writing going, you ask? Well, let me tell you! Since last November's NaNoWriMo (my first), I've been dutifully combing through the 67,000 words I cranked out in 30 days. There are SO many plot holes and awful sentences and random character drops! So, I've spent the last year solving the story's mysteries and choosing destinies, and it's rewardingly exhausting. I'm sure you can relate.

So . . . what now? Well, I've decided that The Science of Stars project has become so long that it's telling me it's REALLY a trilogy! 🤘 This will now be the longest project I've attempted, as the word count of my only other finished novel is around 90K, and this project is already over 80K. Whew! Next month I will use the NaNoWriMo self-motivation event to officially begin book two of the tentatively named "Martian Silo Series." I will write and write and write like a madwoman, stopping only to occasionally acknowledge my husband and dog, eat, sleep, etc. Wish me luck, please! 🍀

I hope your autumnal plans and endeavors are successful, too, my readers. Now . . . go enjoy some fabulously dressed nature!


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Oct 03, 2023

A trilogy?!? Heck yeah 🙌


Oct 02, 2023

Looking forward to see where this goes.

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