Travel to a beautiful high mountain valley where the creatures of the world look to wise governors for advice about life choices, family dynamics, heated disagreements, and more.


Created for wisdom seekers of any age, The Elephant and the Dragon is a new fable told in an old writing style, much like the famous McGuffey's Eclectic Primers or Rudyard Kipling's Just So Stories from the turn of the nineteenth century. In order to set the fable apart from most commercial stories, it's written with an intentional lack of contractions, as well as deliberate repetitions of both phrases and ideas. These repetitions are meant to draw the reader into an ancient kind of suspended reality, reinforce a concept, and even give the story its own poetic rhythm. Also, a few words of particular interest to the fable's many lessons are defined within the narrative itself and are meant to enhance the overall feeling of learning within the story.


The second and third fables are still in the editing stages, so stayed tuned!

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