Set in a fictional time of prehistory, The Elephant and the Dragon offers its readers timeless wisdom to live by. Travel to a beautiful high mountain valley where the creatures of the world look to wise governors for advice. The lessons in this fable can be used to help all of us live in harmony together, and with ourselves.


Created for wisdom seekers of any age, The Elephant and the Dragon is a new fable told in an old writing style. It is written with an intentional lack of contractions, as well as deliberate repetitions of both phrases and ideas within the story. These repetitions are meant to draw the reader into an ancient kind of suspended reality, and give the story its own rhythm.


The lessons represented in this story are age-old, yet still timely for today's social culture. For younger audiences,

adults may think of this story as a family book—perhaps

one to be read aloud and discussed together. Above all, it is

a story which is meant to be enjoyed.

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